Flipper Rebuild Kit Bally / Williams 1993-1998; Spooky 2014 – present; Jersey Jack 2012 – present; Chicago Gaming Co 2014 – present


Flipper Rebuild kit –  Bally / Williams 08/1993 – 10/1998; Spooky 2014-2017; Jersey Jack 2012 – Present; Chicago Gaming Company 2014 – present


Williams/Bally flipper rebuild kit for the following games:
Indiana Jones
Judge Dredd
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Demolition Man
Popeye Save the Earth
World Cup Soccer
The Flintstones
Road Show
The Addams Family Gold
The Shadow
Dirty Harry
Theatre of Magic
No Fear
Indianapolis 500
Johnny Mnemonic
Who Dunnit
Attack from Mars
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Scared Stiff
Junk Yard
NBA Fastbreak
Medieval Madness
Cirqus Voltaire
No Good Gofers
Champion Pub
Monster Bash
Cactus Canyon
Spooky Pinball flipper rebuild kit for the following games:
America’s Most Haunted
Rob Zombie’s Spook Show International
Domino’s Spectacular Pinball Adventure
The Jetsons
Jersey Jack Pinball flipper rebuild kit for the following games:
The Wizard of Oz
The Hobbit
Dialed In
Pirates of the Caribbean
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Guns N’ Roses
Toy Story 4
Chicago Gaming Company:
Medieval Madness Remake
Attack From Mars Remake
Monster Bash Remake
Cactus Canyon Remake
This kit replaces all the major parts on 2 flipper assemblies (1 left & 1 right).
Williams reference #A-13524-8.
Spooky Pinball reference #A-13524-8.
Jersey Jack Pinball reference #51-0001-00, 51-0001-01, 51-0002-00, 51-0002-01, 51-0002-02.