I Buy Games

Do you have a game that is no longer required or broken and is just taking up space?  I am interested in buying it, anywhere in NZ. or phone 0274 710 090


NOTE: Old Electromechanical Arcade games are also wanted. i.e pre video , shooting games, flying games , driving games , flipballs or any other wall mounted games.

Here is a list of machines that I would especially like. If you have one of these games and want to sell it please email me or phone 0274 710090

Bally EM – Twin Wins

Gottlieb – Electromechanical  pinball – 1960’s- 78

Gottlieb – Royal Flush / Card Whiz, Big Indian / Big Brave, Jacks to Open, Centigrade 37, Fast Draw, Quick Draw, Sheriff, Lawman

Williams Red and Ted’s Roadshow

Banzai Run – in any condition – Email