U9 ASIC is not included
U6 GAME ROM is not included

Includes a U4 Processor
Shrouded ribbon headers.
NVRAM included, no batteries needed
No real time clock.
U20, the switch matrix fuse, is in a dip18 socket.
Voltage supervisor trip point changed to 4.4vdc for better toleration of slightly low voltage.
Language setting DIP switch (will be preset to English).
ROM size selected by a jumper shunt that requires no soldering (will be preset to W1 = IN for 2M / 4M).All surface mount chips have through holes available for the DIP version. If needed, a surface mount chip can be cut out and dip chip installed without any desoldering required.The U9 ASIC and GAME ROM must be transferred over a donor board with care.  The ASIC is only to be removed with the proper PLCC extractor tool.  The ASIC chip socket and ROM socket is in the same orientation as the original board. There is an arrow on the ASIC socket that lines up with a dot on the ASIC chip indicating polarity.  The ROM chip will have a dot and/or notch on one side that lines up to similar markings on ROM socket.Because there is no batteries or RTC circuit, the in game clock will not keep time.  This does not effect game play except maybe the playfield clock in Twilight Zone.

Compatible with:
Addams Family, Black Rose, Bram Stokers Dracula, Bride of Pin-Bot, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Demolition Man, Dr. Who, Fish Tales, Funhouse, Getaway, Gilligan’s Island, Harley Davidson (Bally version),  Hurricane, Indiana Jones, Judge Dredd, Party Zone, Popeye, Slugfest, Star Trek TNG, Strike Master, Terminator 2, Twilight Zone, Whitewater

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