Classic Bally & Williams Bottom Glass Retainer ( Lift Channel)

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Bally Williams classic lift channel

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Brushed stainless steel bottom glass retainer lift channel for classic Bally and Williams games with 3/16″ thick glass.

Measures 28-1/2″ long.
Measure your glass thickness before ordering.  Your backglass must be 3/16″ thick for this lift channel to work.  If your backglass is 1/8″ thick, this lift channel will not work.
Use electrical tape or grip tape (as originally used by the manufacturer) when installing for a tight friction fit and to protect your 3/16″ thick backglass.

Used on some, but not all Bally machines from Amigo ( May , 1974) to BMX (January, 1983).

Bally reference numbers P-6247-71 & P-6242-71.
Williams #01-4162 & 01-4162-18.