LED PCB – Classic Bally and Classic Stern


Bally and stern led pcb


Replacement LED insert lights for Classic Bally, Classic Stern, Zaccaria, Game Plan, and EM (Electro-Mechanical) machines.
This insert LED replaces the lamp socket and bulb with a simple long lasting lamp solution; good-bye old flaky sockets!.  This LED has anti-ghosting & anti-flicker technology and works with AC or DC voltages.  The long mounting slot gives multiple depths to help reach into tight areas.
Works with the original lamp driver board or any other after market lamp driver board.  There is no need for any additional adaptors, resistors or drivers.  Simply replace your old socket and bulb with this LED board.

Not compatible with machines that use a lamp matrix such as Williams, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, Capcom, Alvin G, Bally 6803 Series (1985-1989) or modern Stern (1999-present) machines.
Reference numbers E-120-127 & E-120.
LED Color Temperatures:
Warm White: 2800 – 3200K @ 25 lumens
Cool White: 6000 – 7000K @ 25 lumens – Not in stock at present