Pinball Serial Numbers

HELP Needed with Pinball Serial numbers

I have a project to record as many pinball serial numbers in New Zealand as possible. It would be interesting to see how many older games have survived and get an idea of how many and what we have in New Zealand.

 If you can help either email a pic of the serial number sticker  (which on modern games (1985 approx. onwards is on the back of the game or if you open the coin door its in the right hand side of the cabinet)  or just email the serial number and name of the game. 

Unfortunately different manufacturers have different ways of doing it. Ask me and I’ll find out where it is located or there is a FAQ on the website that will help you locate them.

I enter them in the website below.

Alternatively enter your serial numbers yourself and save me the trouble.

Thanks in advance if you can help me with this project.