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Pinball Parts

I stock many parts , balls, bulbs, locks, coils , displays etc Please ask me what you need.

Official Homepin pinball product NZ Distributor

01 AS-2516-16 / 22 Bally SS Solenoid A3 Driver Board A $220

02 AS-2518 Bally / Stern SS Power Rectifier PCB (includes mounting kit) $100

03 Data East DE520-5068-00/01 Stern/Data East Magnet/Auxiliary Drive Board (+ 1 extra capacitor) $80

04 WMS_Reset Williams Bally Reset Fix – INC built in voltage meter $40

05 WMS DMD Hi-Voltage PiggyBack Piggy back PCB replaces burnt Hi-Voltage section on DMD driver $80

06 WMS A-15878 Flipper opto type I pair $50

07 WMS A-20207 Flipper opto type II pair $55

08 WMS Getaway HSII lane entry support bracket Stainless Steel pc $20

09 WMS A-16120 Motor driver board pc – CC, DM, MB, NGG, TS, TZ, TOM, WCS $95

10 WMS A-15680 / A-14768 Motor driver replacement – CV, DW, WW, PZ $100

11 WMS A-15946 IJ Motor driver board Path Of Adventure pc $85

12 WMS A-15646 Long Opto 24″ BS Dracula Mist $100

13 WMS A-16926-RX/16927-TX 7 Opto Trough Pair $100 

14. AS-2518-21 Bally 6 digit LED display $60

Pinball Legs –  brand new set of 4 with new leg levellers. Suit Bally/ Williams $320

Bally Williams Flipper rebuild kits.

Data East flipper rebuild kit 

Data East and  Stern flipper bats

Flipper coils, sleeves and plungers

Rubber Ring kits for most games.

Rubber, Superbands, Perfect Play Silicon flipper bands available 

Pinball Leg Levellers

Pinball leg bolts

Playfield star posts

Shooter Housing, rod, springs 

Bally / Stern  MPU – suits almost all early Bally / Stern  pinball machines New – $380 Out of Stock

Bally / Stern Replacement Rectifier Board – $100 Out of Stock

New and used Coils for Bally Gottlieb Williams Data East

Coil stops for most brands and era’s 

Leaf switch adjuster tool and much more.  

Pinballs. $5 each or buy 6 and pay for 5!

White or Red, blue, yellow Pop Bumper Skirts

Shooter Rod           Outer Plunger Spring  Inner Plunger Spring

Flipper Bat -Various Colours  Return Spring                       

Plunger Link – most brands / types

Data East Drop Target Flipper Rebuild kits

Leg Leveller Flipper Assembly



LED’s – I have single and 3 led bulbs both in wedge and bayonet

Bulbs – most common incandescent types

Parts you need not here? Email me as parts inventory is getting larger.